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A members-only community exclusively for best-in-class commercial real estate Institutional Investors and Sponsors.
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Allows you to connect with the right people, from anywhere. Giving you unprecedented access to markets, through the power of meaningful relationships.
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Powered by the only ground-up technology built to empower those relationships. Exclusive for Alba community members.
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Meaningful Relationships

A highly-curated “clubhouse” of best-in-class Institutional Investors and Sponsors. Designed to facilitate the right partnerships.
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Alba exists to 

empower strategic relationships.

seamlessly connect across the globe.

align with the right Institutional Investors.

allocate capital with best-in-class Sponsors.

connect virtually, from anywhere.

provide unparalleled access to new markets.

A technology platform purpose-built for strategic partnerships.

Alba's purpose built platform provides its members an unprecedented and frictionless competitive advantage.

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